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Danielle’s energy is unmatched. She started her yoga practice in 2019 and continues to grow her following. She currently teaches classes at both TruFusion and Lifetime Fitness. We met with Danni at her studio to talk about her journey with yoga and fitness.

What activities were you drawn to growing up that made you feel like your most true self?

Gymnastics! Anything using my body to express my emotions - as an outlet. Whether I was frustrated or having the best day, my performance was always reflected with how I felt. I obviously no longer tumble, because I’m an old lady (laughs). So, as an adult, yoga just felt natural to me. I found something that would let me focus on what feels good. 

Was there a time where you felt like you weren’t your most present? Is there a place you go to, internally, to make you feel like you ARE present again?

Definitely. That’s why I fell in love with yoga. That mat is my zen place for sure; and I can find it anywhere.

I was initially drawn to yoga because it was the most challenging for me; I had to keep myself completely engaged the whole time.

Last year was a really challenging year for me personally, and that’s when I really started getting into yoga. It made me be completely aware of my body. My breathing. My heartbeat. It was amazing to me. It brought me such a peace to be completely present and aware of what I was doing, instead of feeling like I was in the midst of chaos.

In self-reflection, I’m sure you sit back and think “Holy shit. A year ago I was there, and now I’m in this place”. As a teacher, does that impact the confidence and energy that you bring to your classes?

Definitely. You couldn’t have said that better. It really is all about the process. It’s the growth process that you undergo. Whether I realize it at the time or not, every time I practice – every time I make myself do someone else’s class when I don’t want to – It’s like the feedback loops in your brain reminds you of those moments and gives you the energy and motivation.



Yeah. Being able to reflect and be like “Okay, even though I'm tired and don't feel good right now and have all these negative emotions,, I know that I can also summon up positive emotions.” Because I've been through it, I know it's possible. I can choose to bring those good and reflective feelings.. and be confident in myself. When I come back to practice, it’s like a different practice, it’s a different class. Its all part of that process.

Do you draw inspiration from any one particular place or activity?

I definitely love music, but yoga has also taught me to enjoy sitting in silence and to be inspired by that. To be inspired by that stillness and enjoy that calm place in my mind. Because, meditating is a very different feeling from when I am sweating it out in a Power Flow, feeling invincible like I can do anything. It depends on where I am at in my day.

I get inspired by people daily. Especially in my classes. That’s one of the reasons I like going to other people’s classes. I get inspired by the energy that the students and teachers have to give. Inspiration is very palpable when you practice with other people.

Absolutely. If you could give the 14 year old version of yourself advice, what do you think you would say?

“Don’t hold back. Don’t hold back, and don’t underestimate yourself. Shit. Give yourself some credit. Your existence in and of itself is amazing! You are so capable of so many things.”

This last year, when I really dived into my yoga journey (I wasn’t expecting to teach, it was just for myself at this point) was when I discovered how low of self-esteem I actually had. My perception of myself was so weak.

I began to realize “Wait a second, I can do anything that I want to! I love this (yoga). And I’m really freaking good at it now BECAUSE I love it and I don’t hold back with it!” (laughs)

That’s awesome. That self-affirmation again!

Yeah. Exactly

That’s so inspirational… Thanks for sharing your story!

(After the interview)

Dope. You answered those questions perfectly.

That was like the best interview ever! Like I didn’t have to talk about my strengths and weaknesses (both laugh)

The stories we tell about our journey of going through obstacles gives people hope. Kids look up to people who are older and more successful and think “Shit I want to do that”

Right. And that’s like the biggest way to fall in adulting. To think of your mistakes like “Oh wow. I failed. That sucked.”

Yeah we go through challenges in the practices that we choose, but even that everyday shit that we all go through... Like you were saying, it was a hard year for you. But you were able to make something great out of it!

Yeah take something good from it!

Like that’s what we can hope for from life in general. And it’s something that we have to learn. Like nobody can tell you, “Okay this is how you take shitty things that people do, and shitty circumstances that life gives you, and make it awesome.” You have to learn that process for yourself. You can read the books and everything, but there is a reason for the particular people and things that inspire you. It’s YOUR journey.

When I wanted to do my certification, I saw the opportunity and decided I was going to do it. Dude, so many people put me down. They were like “You don’t have time for that. Don’t do that.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

Why do you think you kept going for it and pushing for it, even though you were getting that negative feedback from people who were closest to you?

I just knew I liked it. Like this clicks. I didn’t necessarily know at the time that I was growing into my own woman. Being able to be like “You know what, I like this. Fuck you!”. You know? (laughs).


Looking back, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!

Photography by Maranda Ashley

We are proud of you too, Danni!

Love the journey of following your heart and pursuing your passion. Find out more about Danni's classes at TruFusion and Lifetime Fitness @dj_froelich and don’t forget to share YOUR story with #iwearmyHOMS 

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