Circle of Inspiration Spotlight: David Choi

Spotlight: David Choi

Heart On My Sleeve Interview with David Choi of Seoul Taco - Karl Schmitz
Describe who you are and what you do:
Founder owner of Seoul Taco

What drew you to your particular creative outlet?
Passion for food and people

Where do you draw inspiration from?
From the energy and creativity of the folks around me. Really my first realization was when my friend used his gifts and passions to start his own photography business and saw success. I wanted to do that with what I was talented and enjoyed as well.

Heart On My Sleeve Interview with David Choi of Seoul Taco - Karl Schmitz
What is the biggest lesson that you have learned on your creative journey?
Always activate and encourage others to utilize their gifts and talents to align with your vision.

What are you currently working on?
I am working to sync our customer experience through our own native app and kiosks to bring a more streamlined experience when folks want to order. I also started a PPE business called Ear to Ear Supply to specifically help other businesses source PPE supplies to keep them up and running and at the lowest cost possible so they stay safe and running their business as normal as possible during these times. No one wants to stress on where to get masks how to print your logo on them etc. When their Industry most likely just got rocked the past 6 months. Lastly working on helping a Vietnamese Coffee Start up in Chicago call @fatmiilk which we source beans straight from family farm of our business partner. Very excited about the energy around this project.

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Any words of advice for someone getting started in your field?
Just because you are good at what you do doesn't make you an effective leader nor does it qualify you to be successful. You have to genuinely care about people and the folks you employ to really win in this game. If you don't or are self centered I suggest you either work in a acclaimed/established restaurant or don't think your talents will transcend hospitality.

David is the founder and owner of Seoul Taco who is following his heart + pursuing his passion with confidence. Seoul Taco and the Seoul Taco Foodtruck can be found in both St. Louis and Chicago.

This interview gave us the craving, so we took our happy selves down to the Delmar Loop location. (( Tik Tok below ))



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Click <<<< to read more about Fat Miilk and, and click>>>> here to connect with David on Instagram Be sure to check out Seoul Taco's website and instagram to see what delicious food combos you need in your life! 

Keep your circle of inspiration tight and keep creating! 

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