Circle Of Inspiration Spotlight: Liz Moore

heart on my sleeve interview with liz moore artist/creatorDescribe who you are and what you do:

For a long time I tried to disassociate my identity from being an artist in full, mostly because of the ego that comes with the title artist. But I have actually come to embrace myself as an artist full time, not because I have fancy awards or make earth shattering content, but because I have always been a creator.

I think artists are really sensitive people who observe their world with a microscope, so that is what I’m doing most of my days. On other days I’m hanging with my beautiful friends, watching an extraordinary amount of film, and trying to hustle to make a $. In my art practice I am currently casting tree stumps and trying to create an installation with them... but in my overall practice I make fiber sculptures/installations!

 heart on my sleeve interview with liz moore artist/creator

What drew you to this particular creative outlet:

I think it was my tendency as a child to rearrange my room once a month (including sneaking into the basement at 2am and repainting my entire bedroom - shoutout to my kind parents here*) that lead me to realize that I like painting and having my hands involved in every environment I step into.


When did you decide to pursue your passion:

Making paintings and drawings was actually a side way for me to organize my brain. I was more into drama and music until I went to college. I took a painting class with Ebony G. Patterson and my life changed on the spot. She told me I could be an artist if I wanted to and I just said “wow... yeah that sounds great” and I went for it big time.

So mentors are great!! Anyone who is willing to give you time like Ebony gave me is worth its weight in gold. (Check out Ebony’s work on google, she is incredible)

 heart on my sleeve interview with liz moore artist/creator

Where do you draw inspiration from:

Gosh everything. It’s actually a blessing and a curse. At the moment, my main focus is on pieces of domesticated nature (wallpaper, embroidered scenes of animals, kitsch and 18th century French interior design principles). These attributes that we participate in everyday, such as putting plants in our houses and butterfly shower curtains all come from a very manicured and sacred position in history, so I’m teasing those things out and recreating them to embody a different context.

I think these things have percolated to the surface of my mind because I grew up in the South surrounded by curio cabinets and deer heads on the wall. I think that depending on where you’re from your see nature in such a different way, and I’m investigating the complexity of how we understand nature by understanding first how we manifest our own interior spaces.

 heart on my sleeve interview with liz moore artist/creator

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned on your creative journey:

Take critiques with a smile. (Even if the person speaking a total jackalope) You will either learn something or learn how to say no but thanks.

Don’t burn bridges in any field that you’re in, you don’t know the future and it can really bite you later.

There is a time to be inspired and then there is a time to be focused and say no to superfluous ideas. 

When you make one good thing, make three more. You will be able to flush out the idea this way and learn more about what direction you want to take specifically.


What are you currently working on:

I’m making a lot of collages, working on the tree sculptures and getting into staging and lighting for a possible environment project...!! And I’m also dreaming about partnering with my boyfriend to shoot a documentary. I’ve been loving the time in quarantine to dream big!


Any words of advice for someone getting started in your field:

If you’re wanting to be an artist (whatever that means for you!) I think the biggest piece of advice that I still wrestle with is to stay committed and to have some friends who are as committed (or more) as you are. I have an amazing roommate who is killing it, and it helps me stay tuned in to my own race.

Don’t compare yourself though to others, keep your eyes in your lane and know that you’re in for a long distance jog, being any kind of creative being is not a sprint!

Also cold email anyone and everyone who you think is amazing, I’ve had so many incredible opportunities from cold emailing and dm-ing people, and it’s so fun because you have nothing to lose.

Liz is a creator and artist in St. Louis, MO who is following her heart + pursuing her passion with confidence. 

Follow Liz on Instagram and visit her website to see more from this talented gal!

Photos via artists webpage and instagram accounts.

Keep your circle of inspiration tight and keep creating! 

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