Circle Of Inspiration // David Gomez

David is a bona fide saxophonist. The saxophone chose him, and he never looked back. David draws his inspiration from hearing stories of perseverance, and from people that he admires.

We sat down with David to talk with him about his journey at the home studio that David first started making music in when he came to St. Louis

What was the first instrument you played?

Guitar; my dad taught me guitar Then it was percussion, tambourine and drums. I started with saxophone when I was 12. I was doing sports too, and then they started to collide. When it was practice time I had to pick.

Do you remember your first gig in front of an audience

My first gig on my own was when I was 16. We had a band in high school and I played the saxophone. Guitar then became a second thing, and then it was piano, you kinda have to play everything you know.

When you want master something, you kind of have to pick one, right?

Yeah, I was getting more offers with saxophone, so I kept taking them. Kind of like I was meant to play sax. (laughs) If I would have played guitar my story would be different. Like, if I would have played drums... anything man... it’s kinda odd. I feel whenever someone picks an instrument, that’s how you pick your path. Whether you're gonna be the trombone player or you’re gonna be the trumpet player...

You know, if you were there and you weren’t playing trumpet, you would have gotten a different outcome! It’s so odd, man (laughs).

I always think about how you pick your future based on your instrument. But, there are also people that are good at many instruments, so its different for them.


When did you realize that you turned playing into an actual career; When did you tell yourself I’m sticking with saxophone, I know I’m good enough and there was validation for that?

You get caught up in the moment in learning. You get really into it. You watch people playing when you’re younger and you don’t even think about making a career! I mean, I guess you do, but you don’t think about it money-wise. You just wanna travel, you wanna play with all the people you wanna play with, so money doesn’t become a thing until you have to pay rent. (laughs) I think what drives you, is to play with the best. Always play with good people; just keep going.

I was given a lot of good opportunities. My school was really good at music so all the people that worked with me were super driven. That kinda stuck. Music was always a special thing. I always liked it and it never bothered me to practice.

So practice never seemed like a chore - it was more of a reward? After you got all your tedious shit done you could almost just lose yourself in the music?

Yeah for sure. This musician, his name is John Patitucci, and he said “First you play with your brain and then you play with your heart.” Which makes sense because in the beginning you learn a lot of things.

It’s like learning how to walk -you have to think left-right -left -right and then boom! You can see yourself running. SO that’s like the ultimate point you want to get to. That’s the goal.

Was there a moment where you experienced some hardship that deterred you from pursuing your passion of being a musician?

Yeah I do remember a time that I was going to quit music. I didn’t get the scholarship from Berkley and I didn’t get a good scholarship from Puerto Rico. All of the sudden, something came out of St. Louis: I was like "this is not what I wanted, but I’ll take it". I just made the best out of it. I had a good teacher and mentor, and a lot of self motivation.

Always tell yourself that there is a light at the end.

Was there a moment where you had to rely on your resolve to overcome and improve your way out of a negative moment?

Energy can carry anything. Just like the energy of the crowd. You live and you learn, you know? We are all humans.

Thankfully, the more experience you get, the more you learn how to go to the comfort-zone of your brain.

You’re not always going to get the show that you wanted or the performance that you wanted, but what you do is just focus on you. Control what you can. You can only control the present and not the outcome of the future.

Love the journey of following your heart and pursuing your passion. Find out more about David and his upcoming shows @daviddepanama and don’t forget to share YOUR story with #iwearmyHOMS.

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