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Whatup HOMS familia. Just stopping in to say the weather this past week was too good not to ride. My motorcycle still needs a name...I'm open to suggestions. I love jumping on the bike - rocking a minimalist look. My favorite FRYE boots to keep it rugged, a HOMS symbol tee, and we are off! Riding is one of the ways that I decompress and enjoy the simple things in life. Especially during the hyper-stressful year of 2020. Keeping a routine during quarantine has been key for me. I never was the best at time management - still aint' - so working from home can get monotonous.

I fashioned a make-shift gym in my garage, and started to work on my bike. The routine of staying active and getting out of the house has kept my spirits high, and kept me focused on the positive. I've always been high energy; being able to channel that energy through creating designs, riding and staying active has been a combo that I plan to continue. 

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I've had three years of expedited living condensed into 9 months! For better or worse, quarantine has forced me to take a look at how I operate day-to-day, and how to adapt. I am understanding more and more that WHAT I am trying to execute is just as important as HOW I am going to execute it. This is completely indicative of how I've operated throughout my life. 

As a kid learning to ride, I would get on the bike - no instructions - scrape my knees, and figure it out. 

After graduating college, I went to play in the NFL. I had little college playing experience, but I got noticed after making some YouTube videos. It took 5 failed combines, but I executed at the 2015 kicking combine.

Starting my clothing brand began by re-visiting a marketing project from 2008 that was based around a symbol of self belief

 Working backwards from a date, and forward with a plan makes the route clearer. I NOW understand that a little pro-active planning is not so bad. I still struggle with this, but I am constantly re-calibrating my thought process on executing goals.

Changing my mind cost nothing. Wearing my heart on my sleeve has come full circle. HOMS has always been part of my life. 14 months in, and I couldn't be happier with everything that I am learning! 

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