In My Humble Opinion

I'm going to lend my perspective on current affairs as they stand today. To everyone who supported Donald Trump you kinda knew who he was when you voted. BEFORE anyone knew he would "cut taxes," "deregulate," "appoint conservative judges," and be "pro-life," he founded his presidency in a racist speech about Mexican immigrants and the discriminatory policy of the Muslim ban. Racism and religious bigotry are his political foundation and what you chose to align with. Trump had no other political history, so his religious bigotry and racist rants sparked your interest, and you made the choice to risk it all for that guy. Retweeting his tweets, liking his posts, commenting MAGA. You were cool with Neo-Nazis being "very fine people" you were cool with separating kids from their families at the border and putting them in cages. You were cool with admissions of sexual assault and excusing it as "locker room talk." You'll continue to fight and be LOUD for a man like that, but stay quiet on the attack on the Capitol, and real quiet on Black Lives Matter. Everyone in your circle sees and knows where you stood these past few years loud and proud, and how quiet you've been these past few days. Everyone sees your hate of kneeling athletes, and your support of white supremist sympathizers. So you can't play it off now like "whose mans is this?!" That's YO MAN! So 'respectfully' thank-you for letting us know who you all are. that's all I got.


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