Circle Of Inspiration Spotlight: Embleu

Describe who you are and what you do?
My name is Erin Boyd. I am a fashion artist with a deep passion for expressing through apparel.Erin Boyd picture of man in a white hat and embleu brandWhat drew you to this particular creative outlet?:
Since I was young I have always been interested in apparel and what it says about a person.

When did you decide to pursue your passion?:
I got started in fashion a random summer in 2011 while trying to find my way in and how to get started.

Where do you draw inspiration from?:
My inspiration comes from almost anything imaginable. From the fashion in the entertainment industry such as movies and television. A lot of my inspiration is mood driven; meaning I like to create things that make me happy and excited. Positive energy and vibes.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned on your creative journey?:
The biggest lesson I have learned Is patience and organization. Not allowing myself to be caught up in the world around me and the progression of others. Everyone has their own timeline and path to walk on.

What are you currently working on?:
Currently I am working on a project that represents the city of St. Louis through my perspective culturally. The plan is to release this upcoming Fall season.

Any words of advice for someone getting started in your field?:
Advice I would like to share, would be to learn as much as possible on your journey; Enjoy the process & have fun!

Erin is a fashion artist from St. Louis, MO who is following his heart + pursuing his passion with confidence.

Collaborators: @missnscene @3xeyes @yvng.arii @itsjust__lex @jarvis_tha_artist @tikaboo @mctres @doyoumusiccrew @agamestl

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