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Inspirational Stories

Ocean Alexander



Ocean continues to create dope artwork. He draws inspiration from literature and graffiti. “If you can integrate or flex your knowledge in any sort of artwork that you do, I think it’s attractive.” – Ocean Alexander.


David Gomez



David is a bona fide saxophonist. The saxophone chose him, and he never looked back. David draws his inspiration from hearing stories of perseverance, and from people he admires. “You pick your future based on your instrument.” – David Gomez.


Sophia Rene



Sophia has built such a uniquely creative platform in a short time. Whether it's creating album covers for musicians, or creating a personal piece, Sophia draws inspiration from music, traveling and the art community. " I don't use references when I draw, that's how you create your own style." - Sophia Rene


Danielle Froelich 



Danielle’s energy is unmatched. She started her yoga practice in 2019 and continues to grow her following. Dani draws inspiration from meditation, and the energy people bring to her classes. “Finding inspiration is very palpable when you practice with other people” – Danielle Froelich