Black Lives Matter | Heart On My Sleeve

I have a unique perspective on racial issues - being bi-racial.

Moms is black, pops is white.

I love my black culture.

I love my island of Bermuda. It has shaped the first 16 years of my life. Over half of the population back home is black. Living in the states for the last 17 years has been eye opening.

I don't know the correct action to repair blatant racism. I've always felt comfortable with everyone.

The one thing I can say with conviction is that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

For the narrative to continually be shifted is mind blowing. I'm not that outspoken, but I feel a duty to speak.

If your circle of compassion is wide enough, try and think about how sick and tired black people in America are.

Asking for EQUAL rights as human beings is what the narrative is! That's the foundation of this all. EQUAL RIGHTS! Please open your eyes and see that.

As a black man, as the son of a black woman, as the brother of black siblings, as a citizen of the world and in my capacity as the owner of HOMS - BLACK LIVES MUST MATTER. At HOMS we pride ourselves on going further than recognizing the mere existence of life and proudly advocate for a world where Black lives are celebrated, cherished and honored.

As we move collectively on this journey to true justice and inclusion, please follow your heart, pursue your passion, and know that the HOMS family stands with you.


- Karl Schmitz, Heart On My Sleeve Founder

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