Ethics + Diversity

Heart On My Sleeve (CMI Investments LLC) is a creative community and confident clothing brand that provides inspiration, products, and resources to individuals who are following their heart, and pursuing their passion.

Heart On My Sleeve celebrates and respects Black lives, Brown lives, and the lives of the LGBTQIA community.

We stand for equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and love without judgment.

We support and honor the rights of all humans, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, mental illness, socioeconomic status, political status, religious affiliations, or race.

We are sex positive and body positive, and stand in support of women's reproductive rights.

Though we may speak in binary language (she/him) we honor and respect all sexual orientations and non-gender binary peoples.

Should our content be consumed by someone who does not uphold these ethics, it is not meant for them, and we do not affiliate with their misaligned views.

Heart On My Sleeve does not tolerate any level or racism, sexism, or discrimination. Full Stop.

Any partnerships that do not uphold this code of ethics (equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and love without judgment) are subject to revision and immediate termination.

Thank you for carefully reviewing the Heart On My Sleeve code of ethics. If you have any questions, please email